Instinctive Infrastructive

Created shortly after graduating from the University of Georgia, this "alphabet book" consolidated a compendium of topics researched over the past four years into a handy reference guide on the subject of morphology. 



BOOK • 2014



The study of the forms of things, in particular.

  • BIOLOGY the branch of biology that deals with the form of living organisms, and with relationships between their structures.

  • LINGUISTICS the study of the forms of words.

This book explores the visual parallels of each definition.




Form as it Relates to Function

I began this project by finding a significant morphology term for every letter of the alphabet. Next I gathered a related image for each letter, chose a font that best resembled the picture's structure, and integrated the two into a synthesized design. Afterwords I placed this composition alongside the definition of the original term, along with a short excerpt of a relevant research essay. The final results gave me a deeper understanding into the structure of letterforms as well as an appreciation for the visual properties of natural growth. 


Project Conclusion

This book was designed entirely in one weekend then printed, bound, and displayed alongside this 36x48 poster in the C-U-B-E gallery space at the Lamar Dodd art school.