BookScouter Redesign

Originally launched in 2007, BookScouter is one of the oldest book buyback comparison engines on the web. Unfortunately the architecture of the site reflected this, from the cobbled-together code to the outdated visual interface. The challenge was figuring out how to spruce up a decade-old SaaS website without alienating its loyal audience.



Using the original logo, fonts, and color scheme, I simplified the homepage by adding a healthy heaping of white space to create a more contemporary look.



Creating responsive web design requires flexible thinking. This project taught me how to create adaptive design systems that look sharp at every device size. 


In addition to a responsive website layout, I created prototypes in Sketch for a new BookScouter mobile app.


With an average audience of over 8,000 users per day, the design overhaul was definitely noticed. Since the upgraded site launched in June 2017, the results have been positive:

  • Average page views increased by 3, and time per session increased by a full minute.

  • New visitor bounce rate dropped down to 5.5%.

  • Revenue increased by 130%.

Project Update:
The refreshed site generated a lot of buyer interest and was successfully purchased and transferred over to new ownership early 2018.