Visualizing Sea Level Rise

I partnered with Georgia Sea Grant scientists and the UGA Marine Extension to create a presentation for southeastern coastal community policymakers and local stakeholders dealing with the potentially adverse effects of sea level rise. This NOAA-funded project provided an excellent opportunity to translate complex data into effectively designed, well-organized infographics.



The charts in these presentation slides efficiently inform a laymen audience in deciding how to best prepare for increasing coastal hazards.



The corresponding diagram illustrates 3 forecasted models of sea level rise by the year 2060: a conservative estimate starting at .5 ft increase ranging up to the highest projection of 1.9ft. Each level is delineated by a different color throughout the remainder of the presentation, with the chosen hue growing increasingly darker along with the severity of the water level rise. To give a better sense of scale to this sea level increase, I added an image of a native shorebird in proportion to the graph.